Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Welcome to our 2020-2021 School Year!

 Welcome to any Angell Eagles who have found this page in the 2020-2021 School year!  It is going to be an amazing year and I'm so glad you're here!

We will communicating through Schoology this year, so for now, the blog will not be updated.  If that changes in the future, I will let you know.

Have a great day and GO EAGLES!

Friday, June 12, 2020

Happy Last Day of School!

Dear Parents and Families,

I hope this email finds you well and healthy!  As some of you already know, due to health concerns in our extended family, we need to continue to limit our exposure to others. I am sad that this means I am not able to participate in an in-person send-off at this time.  I wanted to express my gratitude for all of your kindness and support this year.  We have all faced unprecedented circumstances, and I have appreciated your support and extra effort. I know that your children will be ready for the challenges of 5th grade!
I know many parents might be looking for learning opportunities for their children this summer.  Here are just a few options that you might consider:

·       Students will have continued access to Dreambox (using their Clever badge or Gmail login) all summer.  This program is directly aligned to our standards and NWEA assessments.  Working in the program for just an hour a week will continue student math progress over the summer.

·       Practicing basic math facts (addition, subtraction, and multiplication) is so important so that students retain their knowledge over the summer.  Students can practice with flashcards, workbooks, online or just with a good old-fashioned pencil and paper.  You can challenge your child with 2-3 digit multiplication problems to practice that pesky Partial Products algorithm. 

·       Students will also have continued access to Lexia (using their Clever badge or Gmail login) all summer.  Many students still have a suggested weekly usage, but others could complete 30-60 minutes per week. 
·       Epic books will also be available and free this summer to all students and families who have activated a Remote Student Account.  Epic will be transitioning to Epic Free this summer, but you won’t need to do anything to continue your account. 
·       Read, read, read!!  Anything and everything students can read will benefit them next year.  Encourage your child to talk about his/her books and share feelings about the characters and events in the story.  Also, check out Ann Arbor Public Library’s summer reading program!  They have more information on their website: http://www.aadl.org/events

Thank you again for all of your support this year.  As you may know, I prepared a slideshow with students to document our year together.  After sharing with the students tomorrow, I will post a link on our class SeeSaw page.

If your child has personal items at school or materials that belong to Angell, please note that there is a pickup/dropoff time available at Angell on Monday, June 22nd from 9-4.  See the recent email from Mr. Court about the procedures for more information.  If you aren’t able to make this time, students will be able to return items later in the summer or in the fall.  Please be assured that no one will be charged late fees for overdue library books currently at home.

I truly hope that we all look back on this year as one where we learned more about ourselves, each other and the world around us!  Have a wonderful summer, stay healthy, and all the best to your children next year in 5th grade!

Jessica Sawin

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Update--Week of 4/13

Hello Parents and Families,

I hope you had a nice long weekend and that you are staying healthy and safe.  I know that we are all adjusting to a different style of life, but I hope that you are finding ways to learn, grow and stay connected as families.  I know we really enjoyed the warmer spring weather this weekend on a family hike!  This week, we begin our adjusted activity schedule, so I wanted to give you more information. 

Beginning tomorrow, Monday, April 13th, new activities will be assigned in SeeSaw each morning (Monday-Thursday) at 8:00 AM.  ALL ACTIVITIES WILL BE POSTED IN SEESAW.  This means that students should be signing into SeeSaw regularly to check for activities.

The activity schedule will include:
*Morning Message each day
* ELA (English/Language Arts) activities each day (4 per week- labeled A, B, C, D)
* Math activities each day (labeled 1A, 1B, etc for Week 1) PLUS assigned content in Khan Academy (30 mins/day)
*Social Studies activities twice per week (Mondays and Wednesdays)
*Science activities twice per week (Tuesdays and Thursdays)

You may see SeeSaw activities that look like they have been created by another Angell teacher, because we are sharing in lesson creation and design.  Each Friday, I will post a "Check for Understanding" that all students need to submit by the following Tuesday at 4:00 PM.  This will serve as a check in to ensure that all students have access and are completing activities.   We will also use Fridays for Team Meeting time.  In addition to these activities, Lexia and Dreambox required minutes *still* apply.  Once again, most students have a suggested Lexia requirement (if not, try 30-60 minutes a week) and Dreambox should be used at least an hour a week.

Students, if you have not done so already, you will need to follow the directions in Friday’s announcement to join our class on Khan Academy.  You can find the Khan Academy app in Clever once you’ve logged in with your badge.  You’ll log in with your school Gmail account and use the class code 2555JFXF. Once you create your account, you will be able to see the assignments I have given there.

These activities may seem like a lot at first, so please complete what seems reasonable for you and your family.  If you are under time constraints, I might suggest focusing on the math and reading content.  Finally, I will be adjusting my office hours to Tuesdays from 9-10 AM and Friday 12-1 PM.  I will be available online during those times for real time questions or comments.  As usual, I effort to reply to email within 24 hours. 

I know that this is a challenging time for all of us, but I am excited about the possibilities of learning in a new way with all of you!  Let’s have a great week together!

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Spring Break

Hello Parents and Families,

I hope this message finds you safe and healthy.  I know this has been a challenging time, but I trust that your families have found a new routine and are making the best of things.  I have been very impressed with the responses I've been getting from your kiddos in SeeSaw and all the hard work they are logging in Lexia and Dreambox.  Hopefully your child was able to join us for our Live Team Meeting earlier this afternoon!

This is just a reminder that as next week is Spring Break, there will be NO new activities posted in SeeSaw.  Next week, if you're looking for academic work for your child, DreamBox and Lexia are great online options.  Reading, free-writing and enjoying the great spring weather are awesome, too.

I'll resume the daily Morning Message and SeeSaw activities for April 6-9th.  Plans for after that time are currently being developed and more information will be shared as soon as it is available.  I'll also be sending out invitations for another Live Class Meeting on Monday, April 6th soon!  Hopefully your child can join us then!

Monday, March 16, 2020

SeeSaw Starts Today!


Don't forget to check SeeSaw today for a Morning Message and assignment!

Sunday, March 15, 2020

AAPS Food Distribution Plan

Please see the message below for more information on the AAPS Food Distribution Plan:

AAPS Food Service for Families     -     March 16 – April 5, 2020

AAPS, working with Chartwells Food Service, is pleased to provide “to go” meals available for pick-up between 11am – 12:30pm on:

·       Monday, March 16
·       Tuesday, March 17 (for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday meals)
·       Friday, March 20 (for Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday meals)
·       Tuesday, March 24 (for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday meals)
·       Friday, March 27 (for Friday, Saturday, Sunday meals)
·       Tuesday, March 31 (for Tuesday and Wednesday meals)
·       Thursday, April 2 (for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday meals)

Pick-up at the locations are listed below.

These meals are intended for children up to 18 years old and any child with special needs up to 26 years old. AAPS will distribute these meals to children, parents/guardians. The meals will contain a balance breakfast and lunch.

Because we are practicing social distancing we ask that you pick-up your meals and take them home to eat.

AAPS Food Service Hotline – If you have food allergy needs or cannot make it to a pick-up location please call 734-994-2265. Arrangements will be made.

Food Pick-Up Locations
Peace Neighborhood Center - Peace Maple Meadows Satellite – West Arbor Satellite
1111 N. Maple Rd.                   

Community Action Network (CAN)
·       Arrowwood Hills Community Center
2566 Arrowwood Trl.

·       Bryant Community Center
3 W. Eden Ct.

·       Green Baxter Court Community Center
1737 Green Rd.

·       Hikone Community Center
2724 Hikone Dr.

Pinelake Village Coop - outside the clubhouse
2680 Adrienne Dr.

Lakestone Apartments - outside the clubhouse
4275 Eyrie Dr.

Scio Farms - outside the clubhouse
6655 Jackson Rd.

Orchard Grove - outside the clubhouse
2835 S. Wagner

Carpenter Elementary – outside the school
4250 Central Blvd.

Scarlett Middle School – outside the school
3300 Lorraine

Message from Mrs. Sawin

Dear Parents and Families,
            I hope you are all staying well and healthy.  I know that this is a challenging time, but let me reassure you, that your kids are still in my thoughts daily.  Working together with our Angell team, we have developed a plan of action to continue to provide educational opportunities for your children during our time apart.  Luckily, our class uses technology frequently, and your kids are very experienced using all the platforms available by using their Clever badge/GoogleID.  For reference, these items are taped into their homework folder.
            Starting tomorrow, Monday, March 16th, your children can expect daily communication and assignments from me.  I will be posting a daily Morning Message at 9:00 AM on SeeSaw each weekday, so we can stay connected as a classroom community.  You may know that we always start our day with a team Morning Meeting, so I want to keep that feeling going, even when we can’t see one another.  Students are encouraged to read, post and comment with their classmates each day. 
            Academically, I will also post an assignment on SeeSaw for completion Monday-Friday mornings.  Students should know that they’ll find them by logging into Clever, then SeeSaw, then they’ll click Activities.  I will vary the subject areas and I’ll be assessing and commenting on assignments.  In addition, students can plan on using Lexia and Dreambox each day.  Lexia gives a recommended usage for most students, but if your child does not have required minutes, he/she should try to complete 20-30 minutes per week.  DreamBox recommends around an hour a week for 4th grade.  Also, students were given Reading Group books/assignments as well as a Reading Response homework and math worksheet.  These can be completed and returned to school.  Finally, good old-fashioned reading is a great thing and always encouraged!  If you do none of the online work, just make sure your child is reading! 
            Of course,  please understand that all these plans are simply to provide opportunities for learning.  I realize that many students may not have time to complete each and every assignment.  As a mom myself, I understand that screentime can be both a help and a hindrance for our kids.  I defer to you parents as the experts on what makes the most sense for your child and family.  Hopefully this work will allow you to set a daily family schedule to help your routine.  Setting aside specific times in the day for school work, as well as physical activity, creative endeavors, quiet time (reading, writing or drawing) and play will help get you through the day.  This evening, I helped my kindergartener write out a daily schedule on a chalkboard in her room, which we'll refer to during the day. Even 4th graders can benefit from this kind of structure.
            Finally, I will be available via email to address any questions or concerns you or your children might have.  As usual, I will continue to check email from 7 AM-7 PM and effort to reply within 24 hours of your email.  I will update via SeeSaw and our class blog (www.mrssawin.blogspot.com) with information.

All the best,

Jessica Sawin